Ispconfig from imagehub


Request ispconfig imagehub, thanks.



I installed it manually from a ubuntu 15.04 template. It works satisfying. And everything was installed from apt-get except for ISPConfig itself.

I guess this means it can be done with a dockerfile and a image for it is possible?

It would be perfect to have a image to deploy it quickly!


Hi there!

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add it to the list :wink:


Did nginx install properly for you? I’ve had issues with that, Ubuntu 15.04 template


I installed all components (nginx PHP ftp DNS etc.) with apt-get except ispconfig it self.

There was no error.

You can try install nginx via apt-get before ispconfig

ispconfig will look for existing services and their configurations


i have made a image with ispconfig 3.1.

it is possible to add them to imagehub?
I can do changes to approve them

this is the repo
Antonio Falzarano