Is it possible to merge different instances into 1?


Hi. I was wondering if and how it would be possible to create a “super-server” from 2 or more separate instances.
Like, say I have 3 VC1s, would it be possible to “merge” them and pooling the resources (single [virtual] OS, single [virtual] storage?)
In my mind the VC1 would all run the same os, but then they’d running a share of a virtual environment.
so if I had 3 servers, each with 6 cores, I’d be able to create a vps with 18 cores.
I guess this is not simple at all, but idk, I’m not really familiar with this kind of stuff. :smile:


It’s not possible, but you can use a larger instance (a VC1M or a VC1L).


Yes, it is possible. You’d need to look into ‘clustering’.

Truth to be told, I’ve got no experience with setting up server clusters either and I’d welcome a tutorial if possible :).
I’d love to combine CPU, RAM and other resources.