IPv6: Setting up your own 6to4 tunnel


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Thanks !
Very usefull and so simple to set up !

EDIT : Is there a way to specify the rDNS entry for the tunnel IPv6 address ? I got the HE reverse and I would like to change it.



Thank you for the write-up. I was stuck for like half an hour on this. Apparently, reading is a skill that’s still left to be mastered.

I forgot to replace the local variable in the /etc/network/interfaces configuration with the local ip address of the server, instead of the public ip. Thank you, very very much.


I was first stuck me too with this mistake at first time.
This config is also noticed on the HE tunnel broker configuration example, as far I saw on my HE console.


I made the same mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind that our local ip-number (in the 10.x range) is a dynamic ip-number. From my experience, every time your virtual box is rebooted, you’ll get a different internal ip-number.

Thus, you’ll need to change this after each reboot or set up something very clever.

I hope that we’ll be able to get static internal ip-numbers someday soon.


You can “easily” get this local IP address by querying the (internal) DNS record that they gave us. So I don’t think they’ll implement static ip-numbers any time soon. (I haven’t noticed changes in it myself, after rebooting) They should be able to make it persistent across reboots though. However, when terminating / archiving it, I can imagine them not reserving that IP address for us.

I haven’t found an easy way to implement this into /etc/interfaces (or /etc/interfaces.d/he-ipv6.conf), as the local variable requires a "dotted quad)" (and does not accept a hostname, according to the man pages).