IPv6 & Reverse DNS



I’d like to use my VPS as a mail server but I have trouble to send mails in IPv6 because I can’t specify the reverse DNS. I had to send them only in IPv4.
Actually IPv6 is everywhere, some ISP in Asia work with IPv6 only so I really think we should be able to do what we want without restriction using IPv6, don’t we ?

Please, can you tell me when this feature will be available ?


And while you’re at it, when will we be able to get reserved ipv6 addresses?


In the comments of https://blog.online.net/2016/03/31/introducing-native-ipv6-connectivity-on-scaleway/ is

When will you allow RDNS for IPV6?

When we will release the complete flexible IPv6 setup.

That is two years ago.

Today scaleway customers are still waiting rDNS on IPv6.

Other companies have it available …


Still an issue, but there’s a workaround for exim:


dns_ipv4_lookup = *google.com : *gmail.com