Ip load balancer



I am looking for a cloud load balancer for can scale horintozaly my app over several vps.

ScaleWay looks a right option for the vps, but it has any built-in load balancer? (like ovh) or can recomend me a 3th-party option?


No, there is no built-in load balancing. You can only move an IP from one VPS to another. I recommend setting up an extra server and running nginx on that. nginx can be used to load balance between multiple servers.

If we say you install nginx for load balancing on a server named “load1” and your app runs on “app1”, “app2” and “app3”. You can quite easily set up something like this:

nginx can also do caching to help speed up your app even more if you configure it properly. But caching the wrong files can be dangerous.

If you do this, you might also not need a public IP for your servers, so you can save 1€ per app server.


I was using a standalone haproxy to achieve scaling for HTTP traffic but I now use Pikacloud load balancers for failover and horizontal scaling. Cost is nearly the same than a single virtual machine.


LBs are now available in early access !
Just contact the support team if you want to give it a try for free, please see http://lb.preview.scaleway.com/
for more info