Inbound connections timing out despite security policy and firewall allowing it


This was probably asked so many times, but none of the solutions I found on this forum addresses the issue for me.

Today I created a new VPS, and tried to run a web server on ports 80/443. The server works fine, I can reach it from the VPS itself on the loopback interface.

However I cannot reach it from the outer world.

Things I checked:

  • security policies explicitly allow inbound 80/443 on both TCP and UDP (for QUIC), and default policy is “allow” (checked via Scaleway’s control panel)
  • local firewall has no rule, and default policy is “allow” (checked with iptables)
  • the http server is bound to ports 80/443 (checked with netstat/ss)
  • no traffic is arriving on the interface ens2 from outside (checked with tcpdump/tshark)
  • server hard-rebooted via Control panel after updating security polocies.

I am not sure what else to look at on my own. Can someone please help have a look?



Are you using a raw IP? Or a DNS name? Is the dns name resolving? Did you use IP6? Did you assign a public IP4 to your server if you need IP4 to work? If this is supposed to be a public server, you might give us the name/ip so we have something specific to look at.