[How to] Using s3ql on Bucket


I wrote a little how to use s3ql on Bucket on a arm server. Sorry, only in french.




Thanks a lot!

As I told you in your ticket, we currently have kernel issues we’re working on. You can change your kernel
to use a 3.2.34, which is more stable, instead of a 3.17.


Hi thanks you for this tutorials.
I have a little question :
Where we can find this information :
" Enter backend login:
Enter backend password: "

When we execute the mkfs.s3ql command ?

Thanks you for your help



Hi Stephane,

The access_key of bucket [1] is the username and your token is your password [2].

[1] https://cloud.online.net/#/buckets -> click on S3 CREDENTIALS
[2] https://cloud.online.net/#/credentials


Thanks you for your help.

I configure with success to mount the share …



You’re welcome Stephane