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How to store object with Object Storage and Cyberduck

This page shows you how to store object with Cyberduck.


  • You have an account and are logged into
  • You have generate your API Token

Object Storage allows you to store any kind of object (documents, images, videos, etc.) and retrieve them at a later time from anywhere

For instance, you can store images and they will be accessible using HTTP. You can use the control panel to manage your storage. Some tools exist to interact with Object Storage.

This guide will show you how to use Object Storage with one of these tools, Cyberduck. There are three steps to configure and use Object Storage with Cyberduck

  • Retrieve S3 Credentials
  • Download Cyberduck
  • Configure Cyberduck

Step 1 - Retrieve S3 Credentials

Before starting, click the “Storage” button in the control panel.

You will land on the Storage page. Then, click on the “S3 Credentials” button. The credentials required to access Object Storage are displayed:

  • host_base base url to access Object Storage service
  • access_key the access key required for Object Storage
  • secret_key the API Token you generated previously.

Step 2 - Download Cyberduck

A simple solution to begin with Object Storage is to use the Cyberduck tool, which is a graphical client for Object Storage.

Cyberduck allows you to create, list and delete buckets, download, upload, and delete objects inside the Object Storage. First, you need to download Cyberduck.

Step 3 - Configure Cyberduck

We will configure Cyberduck to work with Object Storage. The following is basic configuration example to use Object Storage with Cyberduck.

In Cyberduck window, click Open Connection and select S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service). Set the server url to and replace <Access Key ID> and <Secret Access Key> with your credentials.

You can now create a bucket and store objects inside. A bucket name must contain only alphanumeric and lowercase characters

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