How to migrate Ghost to later versions


I recently wanted to upgrade my ghost app image to version 2.0, however it was not easy. I was unable to upgrade the ghost on the app image for whatever reason. Here’s how I did it.

  1. Go to you blogUrl/ghost, and in the left column go to labs, then export your JSON file.
  2. Now this JSON will not upload to ghost 1, and will especially will not upload to ghost 2. You need to edit it, upload it to 1, then export and upload to 2.
  3. Per this obscure blog post (Only obscure because it took some googling to find), you need to search the JSON file to remove all the id number entries. I opened it in Vim and did a :%s/"id":\d\+,//g which should remove all the offending entries.
  4. Now you should be able to import this json into a ghost v1 blog. I created a new instance of ubuntu 16.04 Xenial, as Bionic had some major issues when I updated (no boot). Installation instructions
  5. Now follow the instructions to migrate to ghost v2. I can’t post a second link, but you can google migrate to ghost v2
  6. You should be all set!

Scaleway, I don’t know if just no one uses the ghost app image, but it is comically out of date.



Thanks for providing this feedback.
We are currently working on upgrading all the InstantApps and an updated version of the Ghost InstantApp will be available very soon.

You may also follow this tutorial to install the latest version of Ghost on a compute insance: