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How to upscale your instance to a larger one by using snapshots

This page shows you how you can upscale your instance to a larger one by using snapshots.


  • You have an account and are logged into
  • Your SSH key is configured
  • You have a running server (VC1 or C2)

The Scaleway platform makes it very easy to upscale your node to a more powerful one when your requirements grow. In this tutorial we will upgrade a VC1S instance to a BareMetal C2S instance using snapshots. You can easily switch between all X86 servers (VC1 and C2), no matter if you want to upscale or downscale your instance.

Step 1 - Power off your server

Power off your server by clicking on the “OFF” button and then archive it.

Step 2 - Create a snapshot

Create a new snapshot by clicking the “Snapshot” button next to your volume

In the Snapshots section on the left-side menu of the control panel, your snapshot should be present in the list.

Step 4 - Spin up your new instance

Click on the “Create Server” button and select a C2S instance. On the server creation page, click “Existing Snapshot” in the “Choose an image” section and elect the snapshot you created previously.

Disable the public IP of the server, as we want to use the IP attached to the existing VC1S server. Click the “Change” button and select “No public IP”.

Create and start the server.

Go to the network section of your account to see your IP.

Click the existing IP address you want to attach to your new server. In the servers section click the “Edit” button to change the server attached to this IP address.

Your new instance is started on a new volume created from a snapshot and you can reach it via the IP Address of your previous instance.

Don’t forget to delete your old instance if you don’t need it any more.

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