How to file abuse reports for your sites that use CloudFlare?


We (the company I work for) have found a number of suspicious copies of our site (22 unique domains with .cf, .ga, .gq and .tk TLD’s, but there could be more). After checking the hosts at whoishostingthis(dot)com we contacted CloudFlare who in turn referred to AS12876 and an abuse email address: abuse(at)proxad(dot)net (proxad(dot)net is redirecting to Free - another company in the Iliad Group). Emailing this abuse address didn’t return any response at all. points to for abuse reporting, but that form does not accept the domains we’re having trouble with, as they use CloudFlare to mask the actual host (AS12876/Online).

I have also tried abuse(at)online(dot)net - but got an automated response asking me to use the same abuse form on Online’s website - dead end…

How to proceed?

I’d rather not post our details in this forum.



I’m part of the Trust and Safety Team, all the abuse linked to the services host by us using CloudFlare can’t be sended by our web form and need to be sent to our mailbox, also if the domain name can’t be reported, it’s because the domain name have not been registered on our company.

Could you send me a PM to take a look about your issue ?

Thank you !


Hedi Serradj
Trust and Safety Team