How to deal with dynamic private IP addresses?


it was big surprise for me that private IPs has a dynamic nature at scaleway. Because of I would like to know how to deal with that fact in case there some clustered software required to set explicitly static IPs (for example IPs of few master nodes) - any suggestions?
Is it possible to use host names at private network without bootstrapping my own DNS server?


Hello @strobe,

  1. Go to Server
  2. Click on your Server
    2.1 “PRIVATE DNS” [serverID]

It will work for some cases, but how to deal with others?

For instance - I would like to install DC/OS (Mesos based) (
Installation manual of DCOS has this note:

Important: The IP address of a node must not change after DC/OS is installed on the node. For example, the IP address must not change when a node is rebooted or if the DHCP lease is renewed. If the IP address of a node does change, the node must be wiped and reinstalled.

Reinstalling node each time then I have to turn off it ( for adding additional volume -for example) - doesn’t looks like right way.


Hello @strobe,

Sorry, but I can´t help you out – the IP´s will change.


Looks like solution is a mesh VPN set up by using Tinc

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Hello @strobe,

this is an interesting way of dealing with the situation – Good luck :smile:


I also have problem with this dynamic internal IP
I’m using VestaCP as hosting manager and there is the internal IP set inside the nginx conf files.
After a snapshot or a disk attachment, I have to run this kind of command and restart nginx service :

  find . -name "*.conf" -exec sed -i 's/' {} \;

Not a big deal, but not very professional…

Please reconsider your position on this point…


Yeah. This is absolutely terrible. Especially if you have something like a domain controller in your environment. You can’t use a subdomain as a DNS server… Who’s flawed logic was this and how does it make any sense at all?

Edit: apparently there was private networks coming “soon” in 2014: Lsyncd with private ip?. I wonder what happened with that.



what solution did you implement
I am bootstrapping a DC/OS cluster right now
DC/OS needs an detect_script installed on each server that returns the private IP

Are private IP still dynamic or they are static?

I did Tinc vpn over Strongswan Ipsec tunnels which works for my dev needs.

I had modified Ansible playbooks for tinc to support strongswan too, but it’s more like proof of concept, not a complete solution.
It’s located here
(See roles folder at wip–tinc-over-strongswan-ipsec branch.)


unfortunately Tinc itself doesn’t works well because it doesn’t encrypt packets playloads


ohh nice thanks buddy


my solution solved 2 problems:

  • packets loss (by Source/Destinaton check at scaleway routers)
  • static IP configuration for DC/OS

but anyway it not so good for reason that every time then some node change IP you have to reconfigure tinc+strobgswan on every host (by Ansible)


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