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How to create a seedbox with the torrents InstantApp

This page shows you how to use the torrents InstantApp to create a seedbox with a web interface to manage your torrents.


The torrents InstantApp provides:

  • ruTorrent, a web interface to add, list, remove and download your torrents
  • rTorrent, the software actually used to download your torrents
  • an auto installer, to configure your image after its creation

Step 1 - Create the server

Click the “Create Server” button in the control panel.

You land on the server-creation page. Choose a name for your server, click on the tab “ImageHub” and search for the “Torrents” application (its version may be different on your screen).

Click on “Create Server” at the bottom of the page to create and start your server.

Step 2 - Run the auto installer

Go to the detail page of your server to get its public IP.

Open your browser, and go to http://YOUR_PUBLIC_IP (for example: to run the auto installer.

Enter a username and a password, then submit the form to create your account. Choose your credentials carefully: that’s not really easy to recover or change them later.

Step 3 - Manage your torrents

Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Everything is setup :-) Easy, right?

To enter to the web application, enter the credentials your created just before.

You land on ruTorrent, which is empty for now. Click on the top left button to add a torrent file.

You can either upload a torrent file or give a magnet link to your torrent.

Wait a few minutes (really, it’s crazy fast!) until your torrent is downloaded. Then, to download it to your computer:

  • click on the torrent on the top of the page
  • go to the “File” tab at the bottom
  • right click on the file you want to download
  • select “Get file”

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