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How to backup your data with snapshots

This page shows you how to backup your servers and their data.


  • You have an account and are logged into
  • You have configured your SSH Key
  • You have a running server

A snapshot is a full-volume copy stored in our secure data centers. Snapshots are perfect if you want to recover a server from a previous state.

Potential uses:

  • Recover volume data
  • Create a copy from a volume

There are three steps to create a snapshot:

  • Powered off your server
  • Select the volume to snapshot
  • Verify the snapshot creation

There are three steps to create a new server from a snapshot:

  • Create a new server
  • Choose your snapshot as image
  • Create your server

Create a snapshot

In the Control Panel, click “Servers” in the compute section.

Step 1 - Power off your server

Focus on the server with the volume you want to snapshot and click the “Off” button.

Step 2 - Select the volume to save

Once your server is powered off, in the volumes list, click the “Snapshot” button on the volume to snapshot.

Step 3 - Verify the snapshot creation

In the Compute section of the console click “Snapshots”, your new snapshot should be present on the list.

Restore a volume from a snapshot

In the previous step, we created a snapshot. We will create a new server based on the snapshot we take previously.

In the Control Panel, click the “Create Server” button.

Step 1 - Name you server

You will land on the server-creation page where you must input basic information for your server.

Step 2 - Choose your snapshot as image

In the image section, click the “Snapshots” tab. Select the snapshot you take previously from the list below.

Step 3 - Create your server

Click the “Create Server” button. This action starts your server. In a few seconds, your server will be ready to use.

All data stored stored when you create your snapshot will be present on this new server.

Try this tutorial on your own C1 server TRY IT

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You have to power off the server to create a backup? WTF?

That means you can’t run a reliable service that way and it has to be done manually.

Would be great if:
-snapshots could take place without power off
-snapshots could be scheduled to occur at a certain schedule & set it to keep a defined number of snapshots for that (e.g backup every saturday at 3am and keep the last 5 copies)

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I understand that Scaleway’s price is unbeatable. But just Snapshots, and no automatic backups is a negative - and it’s not that hard to implement either.


Please implement automatic backups, which I suppose requires hot snapshots.

There are competitors which charge monthly fee + 20% for 4 automatic backups per month. It would be nice for you to offer something like this.


Hey guys,
I’m very impatient! Can’t wait to really use my scaleway in production.


Waiting for this as well, come on! :smile:


Have you thought of supplying SmartOS as an image? That comes with ZFS which allows very fast snapshots.
I’ll note that OVH provides SmartOs - just to point out that the idea is not crazy. See

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waiting for on-the-fly snapshots and automatic backups.


Caution: Don’t try this on C2L if you have data on Direct SSD (Physically attached SATA SSD). Server shutdown will lead to loss of all the data on the Direct SSD.

It seems like shutdown sends physical server for recycling, so it can be used by other customers and you won’t be billed. And it seems like right now there no way to just power-off the server without recycling.

Maybe someone from Scaleway will clarify this.



The C2L has a special type of volume called DSSD. DSSD are directly connected to the server through a SATA port.
They are unmanaged and tied to the physical server. If you archive your server, the content of the DSSD will not be saved and the content destroyed. Make sure to save the content before stopping the server!



We had very sad experience with DSSD which lead to loss of data (See ticket #YAWGZL01 for details). Honestly, DSSD looks very “beta-ish” right now: it runs in SATA2 mode, you can loose content in just a click. There more harm than profit and I rather see DSSD in C2XL, and C2L as just server with 32GB RAM and faster network.

I’ll pull some points from the ticket here:

First thing, is that language in the Control Panel is not quite the same as in scw. We’ve used scw stop thinking that it’s not the same as “Archive” (where you have DSSD note) and will do exactly what “stop” means: stop the server. There not a single word about what it will do in scw help stop. And it did what “Archive” does in Control Panel: archived the server along with our just-adjusted-to-scaleway CI configuration that we hoped to move to network device to backup with snapshot

You have information about server type in the scw so adding the explicit confirmation of DSSD data loss for dangerous actions, in my opinion, is mandatory. Usability can be managed by extra flag, like --confirm-dssd-erase.

Second thing, because of the way you manage DSSD, I would like to see something like “pause”, that will power-off the server without recycling, so we can add new volumes. It’s absolutely fine to be billed in this case. Also, “saving” content might be close to impossible as SDD is 250GB and maximum nbd capacity is 150Gb. lvm is not an options, as we seen how lvm pools are just breaking after reboot (See #ZC9ZQ201).

Last thing is that there literally no warnings in the documentation.


Hi there!

I’ve raised the “why no automatic backup?” issue as a feedback ticket to Scaleway, but they’ve rejected the suggestion and told me to use the API and roll my own backup solution. Starting to doubt if this essential feature will ever come.

UPDATE: Scaleway has confirmed that they are working on this feature: “… it is not yet possible to have daily automatic backups as you’d like to. We are working on a hot snapshot feature that matches your need, but there’s still a lot of work to do to have it in production so I can’t give a


Anyone hate this like me? I want to create snapshot without turn off my server. Why? Because each time i turn it off. My private IP will be different and i must config again for my Direct Admin to use with new private ip!!!


Please get us the hot snapshots, we cant turn the server off and los things on DSSD to get Images, or to add volumes. this is hectic, also we require automatic backups,


No automatic backup yet?