Hosting a minecraft server



I am already a customer (small dedibox) with and very satisfied with their service.

However I am looking to host a minecraft server and was wondering if offers such plans.
If yes, what are the plans (hardware used: cpu, ram, hdd…) and what are the prices ? Is bandwidth unlimited ?

Thank you in advance.


I am not sure if my reply comes too late to support your decision, but I thought I would share it just to maybe help future customers with the same question. Here we go…

Of course you can host a Minecraft server with ONLINE.NET as with every other hosting company as well. Keep in mind that ONLINE does not directly offer Minecraft servers as a service or product but you can always use a DEDIBOX to host your server. It will run just fine. To make things easier you can install a panel like Easy-Wi or TCAdmin to support your administrators. I can not tell you about a specific plan either being good or bad for Minecraft, it all depends on what exacly you really want to do with the server in the end and how much power it will consume. This also depends on the installed plugins, the simulaniously loaded chunks, etc. For smaller projects a DEDIBOX SC 2016 will do just fine, for bigger, more resource intensive projects, I’d suggest stepping up to the DEDIBOX CLASSIC 2016 or even higher if you like or if you need it. However, 32GB of RAM and a processor from the XEON family usually do a great job running, even multiple, gameservers.

In terms of costs you are in a good standing with ONLINE. A small box only costs around 9€. The bigger DEDIBOX CLASSIC costs around 30€ a month which, considering the hardware which is in it, is still pretty cheap. I’d always suggest to run a gameserver on a SSD based server. Most of the servers offered here do fulfill this criteria. As far as I know bandwidth is not limited on the ONLINE.NET servers but I’d not think that you would exaggerate the limites (if there were any) with a single gameserver anyways.



Thank you for this informative reply.
Much appreciated.
You said “For smaller projects a DEDIBOX SC 2016 will do just fine”, how many players can this server/plan support ?
I fear the Intel C2350 (Avoton) with 4GB RAM is not enough to run a minecraft server ?


I can pretty much understand that you fear that not enough players might fit onto your server. Let’s say you keep one GB free for the system. On a 4GB server (effectively 3GB for Minecraft) you could host around 37-40 players I suppose. On the bigger system with 32GB Ram you could fit around 350-400 players. Keep in mind this data is based on servers hosted without any plugins, so your experiance may vary. If you want to calculate this for yourself you can take a look at this homepage ( Just put in your upload and download speed and the ammount of RAM you could have on the system you want to buy (I’d leave at least 1GB to the system itself, as mentioned above) and see for yourself. Sure enough the CPU will be able to take the challenge of running a gameserver.

If you should have any further questions, I’d be happy to answer them although I don’t belong to ONLINE.NET, so don’t take everything I say for granted. This is only based on my experiance, for you this may be different in terms of one point or another.



Ok, thanks a lot for the help. I will post here if I have further questions.