Happy new year with Scaleway


Sorry for whining (again), but my server is offline (AGAIN) for more than 1 day already. Support just said “your server is stuck”

When will the servers stop “stucking” on their own?


Facing the same situation. No response from support. I called them but the guy on the other end was clueless about everything. He didn’t even know which company’s support I was calling for.

Does this happen often with them? Time to move on I guess.


Too often. Last time it was about three days of downtime. And I think this time it will be more than 3 days, because of the holidays.

I’d recommend you to move away, unless you need ARM servers.


By “offline”, do you mean you can’t connect to the web console? How do you know that support is not correct is saying the problem is with your server (i.e. the software running on the server)? If support is correct, you can use the web console to see why your server is not rebooting.