Forwarding issue when installing dante



Followed below tutorial to install dante in ubuntu 18.04, but i an not able to bind with external IP due to NAT1:1 setup between private and public IP in DEV instance.
So UDP packets are not getting routed and returns connection reset for dante. Can someone help me on this.

Jul 20 16:23:30 (1563639810.593811) sockd[15232]: warning: addrisbindable(): cannot bind address: (from address specification SCALEWAY_IP/32): Cannot assign requested address
Jul 20 16:23:30 (1563639810.593863) sockd[15232]: error: checkconfig(): cannot bind external address #0: SCALEWAY_IP/32

Try2: (tried with as per support)
sockd[16491]: error: /etc/sockd.conf: problem on line 4 near token “”: external address ( to connect out from cannot be a wildcard address. Please see the Dante manual for more information

FYI:I am able to run dante on 5+ different providers successfully as this NAT 1:1 (private ip) is causing this error.