Forward billing / prepayment


Future request: please provide an ability to pay forward.


I’m going to use my dedibox to backup my family photos, and it should remain functional even if some accident will happen (like hospitalization, etc.). That’s why I want to prepay it for 2 or 3 years, but now it’s impossible for some reason.

It’s a really big problem because recurring CC payments is not reliable enough method. I already have a bad experience caused by banks incompatibility. For example I’m using more than 3 years, but several months ago CC payments from my bank to their bank became impossible for some reason. We tried to solve that issue with my bank and their bank but without any success. We had to switch to PayPal, and I prepaid a service for 2 years to be sure delayed payments will never be a problem again.

All your main competitors supports forward billing or/and account balance. I’m using DigitalOcean, Linode, OVH, Kimsufi, Tilaa, and all of them allows to prepay services. Hosting with a single payments method (you don’t even support PayPal) and without ability to make a forward payment is too risky, it’s useless for me. And for many other customers, I guess.

Only two companies are selling 1TB storage for a reasonable price now - and kimsufi, but it’s not a reason to sell it “as is”. Your product is great from all points of view besides payments, so let’s make it even better, let’s make it the best. The only thing you need to add is a forward billing or account balance. PayPal payments is also a good option as fallback method, but it’s less important.

I’ve read some other messages on your forum. One of your team members explained necessity of setup fees. He wrote that you don’t want to work with “one-month clients”, that’s why you need setup fees. 1-2-3 years prepayment is even better solution to achieve that goal. So it’s a great future from many points of view.

I don’t ask you to implement that future yesterday - it requires a time for sure. But let’s move forward, let’s solve that issue. Great hosting should be reliable from all point of view.



Once again, lack of ability to pay forward is a fatal shortcoming, and it’s a significant competitive disadvantage.

Payments problems are not so rare thing, recurring payments requires an attention and takes a time usually, that’s why an ability to pay forward is a really good thing. I always pay forward for 6 or 12 months then using other services - it’s very convenient.

That functionality is useful not only for customers, but also for your company, because it allows to make plans for the future and to have additional funds.

I want to buy a backup server, copy my archives there, and forget about it for 3 years (having an ability to update or check the data from time to time). But it’s impossible with recurring payments. I’m a good customer, actually. I can solve all the technical issues myself because I’m a professional software developer with a strong Linux skills. But I have to ask you to fix your billing system - is useless for me and many other customers without ability to pay forward.

All best wishes,


Hello Simon,

Thanks for your feedback!
At the moment, we do not plan to support prepayment but note that you can pay via Paypal after 3 months of subscription to a Online service.



It’s been six months. Any change in plans?
I would like this feature.
Each month I get a call from my credit card company asking if this charge from France is a fraudulent charge. If I prepay, I can at least cut those calls down to every six months, or once a year.
Not the best of reasons to want prepay, but it’s my reason.


Hello @yortnoswad,

Prepayment is not planned to be supported in short-term. Why not use PayPal to avoid this situation ?



+1 on that feature, it’s really very boring not to be able to “put” money in account so future invoices are directly charged toward that credit (and if not enough use the default payment in account of customer !).

@edouard Paypal is no way, they have so poor customer service (to be polite) and charge insane prices for very poor services…