Expanding storage using LVM


Hello, since I can’t find any documentation about this I’m going to ask:
My server is running out of space, can I use LVM to avoid the 150GB limit of Scaleway’s disks?
Is LVM officially supported?


If your OS supports LVM, of course you can use it. The Storage looks like any other block device to your virtual machine. Scaleway doesn’t care how you use them. (I’m not sure how storage is connected to the baremetal servers. iSCSI?) By “supported”, maybe you mean will scripts on Scaleway menu to edit your config still work? I never use those features, and do my own config. I would imagine such scripts have effectively a root login to do their work anyway. They can’t safely change a guest filesystem while the guest is running.

It is pretty cheap to try it out.

Booting from LVM might be tricky, since we still seem to be stuck with a kernel loaded by the host. (Hopefully, they will offer PVGrub as a “kernel” soon.) But you can certainly boot with normal root fs, and add additional storage to put into a volume group.


I went ahead and created a test VG with loopback files - it works fine. The kernel modules are there for the direct boot kernel.


Thanks, I’m going to trying it out as soon as I have some time.