Enable outbound internet traffic on instance without public IP but Load Balancer



Here’s what I’m trying to do:

I want to have multiple instances to work together as a Docker Swarm cluster. I want to access the nodes through a Load Balancer. Since I use a Load Balancer I don’t need public IP’s the nodes.

Now this is my problem: If I remove the Public IP from the instances they no longer have access to the internet. I need internet access on my instances to download Docker Images. But I don’t want to have a public IP just for that for financial reasons.

Is there a way to have outbound Internet traffic from a instance without public IP through a Scaleway Load Balancer? It seems the Load balancer can only handle inbound traffic.

Thanks in advance.



You can configure a public IP on one of your instances and configure it as a gateway for your other instances. Otherwise you may also enable IPv6 to download data from the Internet.