Email not send or recieve from scaleway server


I am not able to send or receive any mail from my scaleway server. Even I have tried the SMTP mail scrip but it cant work for me.Please give me solution.My domain from and server is scaleway, the issue is that, webmail doesn’t receive any mail.please help me.



Email ports are blocked by default at the Scaleway firewall. Remember to do a hard reboot after changing settings.

I cannot send any email.
To avoid spam, remote mail ports (25, 465, 587) cannot be reached from our infrastructure. If you need to open the mail ports to send e-mail, you can go to the advanced options section of your server and change the security group configuration:

On the left panel of the Control Panel, click on “Security”
Select the Security group you want to unblock remote mail ports
Set “Block SMTP” to No.
Reboot your server from the control panel to apply the changes


Warning the link above does not go to a real AOL domain.