Email Invoices


It’s really annoying to have to login to download the invoices. I want to be able to forward the email to the accounting department from my phone, and not have to wait till I sit down at a computer and start to login, download and create new emails. Plain text or PDF is fine. This is a quick one to implement!

This is the biggest drawback of this service for me, and a step backwards from other hosting solutions I use.


Dear gods, yes, this. I need this not for the accounting department, but for my own uses. Being able to quickly eyeball an invoice email and go “that’s exactly the same as last month, no problems” would be incredibly useful.



Thank you guys for your feedbacks !
It has been forwarded to our dev teams. :slight_smile:

Mehdi Mebrouk
Support technician


Just hope that you’ll never have to change company details as Scaleway “cannot” update on their side…



Hows this going? Yet another month of having to login to download the invoice. As a developer I know this isn’t a complicated or time consuming change.


You can now upvote the issue to make it get more than just one my voice. )