Does scaleway whitelisting cloudflare ip addresses?


Hi all,

I have half dozen sites, mostly small blogs etc… I was running them on scaleway and doing CDN and DNS routing using cloudflare happily for a long time. Today I suddenly start to get 522 errors on cloudflare which is basically cloudflare can’t get response from my server. Everything works fine and when I disable cloudflare routing and connect to my server directly, everything works. Seems my server’s network is rejecting connections from cloudflares all the sudden. I suspect scaleway may temporarily or permanently banned cloudflare ips.

Does anyone know if I can request scaleway to whitelist cloudflare ips in terms of incoming traffic to my server?


Hi. I have same problem. Did you get any solution?


Same issue here, happen quite often due to scaleways network issues.


I have scaleway servers behind cloudflare and I’ve never seen a general problem like that myself. A quick check of the stats shows that nothing looks wrong with traffic recently either.

Before using cloudflare I used to have some rate limiting and concurrency limits set per IP in iptables which caused 522 fails to pop up once all traffic was coming from a small number of Cloudflare IP addresses, until I remembered it was there and took it out.