Distribution image update policy


On July 6th, Debian Buster was released, becoming the current Debian Stable. I’m curious, in general, does Scaleway have a policy on how new versions of images are made available in accordance with the current stable versions of the distributions?

More specifically, in case of Debian, when do you expect to have Buster available?



Our team is currently working on the Debian Buster image and it should be available very soon.
I am sorry for the delay in the availability of this image and we are working to have it available as soon as possible.




Thanks for the update.


Hello @not-a-robot,

The Debian 10 image is now available for instances, both in PAR1 and AMS1.
You can deploy your instances now :slight_smile:


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Can we update our existing Debian install with apt-get dist-upgrade?



Yes, you can upgrade an existing Debian installation to Busty by following this tutorial for example.
For security reasons, it is recommended to back up your instance before launching an upgrade.


Many thanks Bene.