Discourse InstantApp


+1 for having some love on this InstantApp. Would be great to quickly update Discourse to the latest version.


Latest version available (1.3.5) https://cloud.scaleway.com/#/servers/new?image=1d40502f-2068-4d8b-a4fc-446e8ec2883e

Waiting for you feedback! :slight_smile:


Any ETA on when the InstantApp will be updated to the latest 1.4 Discourse release? I’m quite desperate to use it.

Oh and thanks for the work so far on the InstantApp :smile:


1.4 would be really nice.


We will rebuild with the 1.4


How long does it take?


Thanks again for the work on the InstantApp although the current steps to upgrade do make it quite difficult to use in production, especially because of the chance for security updates.

Just posted a topic on the Discourse meta in the hopes of moving official Docker image support forward and dispelling a little bit of the misinformation. I’ve linked back to both this post and the Github Issue by @rriemann.


I do not have a Scaleway server currently. Can somebody just post the error output of the bundle install on the Discourse Gemfile? The co-founder of Discourse suggested that to advance on the subject of ARM suppport.


The sole issue seems to be therubyracer/v8. :unamused:

@edouard, there is a version mismatch between the scaleway Discourse image on github and the one that can be found in the image hub. Github has version 1.4.0 and the image hub offers 1.3.5.

By this occasion: Would you consider to bump the Discourse version to the latest stable? I am testing with a manual git pull/rake migrate/rake precompile and so far there have been no issues.


Hi guys, I’m trying to change the hostname in my discourse instantapp deployment, and did so by editing the /var/www/discourse/config/discourse.conf file, however, I have no idea what to do next? On the official guide from Discourse themselves, you’re supposed to run ./launcher rebuild, but that launcher file doesn’t exist in this setup, so I have no idea how to rebuild this.

Edit: Oh, wait, am I supposed to just restart it and that’s it?

Edit: So I just decided to just restart by just rebooting the server. I don’t know how to restart the Discourse app, if someone can let me know how to do that, that would be awesome.


Doesn’t seem there has been an update for 1.5 is there anyway to update?


Same here, stuck on an old version it seems.


Good News: Latest Discourse runs without monkeypatching

Discourse latest beta release v1.6.0.beta7 runs on my Scaleway ARM server without any modifications.

How I did it:

  • install the Scaleway Discourse App
  • update the source in /var/www/discourse
  • run some commands to updates gems, DB, assets
  • reboot once or twice

Before, therubyracer gem was buggy on arm64 and assets could not be built. Discourse has switched to their own javascript-ruby binding called mini_racer which comes with a very recent libv8. Thus, therubyracer is not needed anymore.

My notes on how I do an update:

# BACKUP your data in Discourse first
screen # I use screen, because asset precompiling is really slow
su discourse # login as discourse
cd /var/www/discourse/
git fetch
git checkout -b update-v1.6.0.beta7 v1.6.0.beta7 # better work in separate branch
bundle install --no-deployment --without test development --path vendor/bundle
RUBY_GC_MALLOC_LIMIT=90000000 RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake multisite:migrate
RUBY_GC_MALLOC_LIMIT=450000000 RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile
logout # become root again

To restart just Discourse instead of a reboot, try this one as user discourse:

RUBY_GC_MALLOC_LIMIT=90000000 RAILS_ROOT=/var/www/discourse RAILS_ENV=production NUM_WEBS=4 bluepill --no-privileged -c ~/.bluepill --log test.log restart /var/www/discourse/config/discourse.pill

Question to @edouard:

  • Can we know use the official Discourse Docker container that allows to update from the Discourse admin interface?


@rriemann I don’t think it will work on a C1 server as the Discourse Docker install required a 64 bit Linux.


As far as I remember they use some ubuntu base image. We could just switch this one to the arm and if we are lucky, it just works. That I run currently a version only few days old shows, it is principally possible. Now, it is just a matter to simplify the install.

/ Robert


New to Scaleway. Wondering how close we are to seeing a Discourse image in the ImageHub dialog?


Apparently, online.net/scaleway managed to install a recent Discourse version. I wonder if the forum is hosted on their ARM cloud or not. :wink:


There’s a Discourse image now, of course — and I’m a new Scaleway user who managed (in about four hours) to get it up and running. “44 seconds” is a bit optimistic, I think. :smirk:

I can’t help but notice that what I’m now running is “v1.3.5-dirty”. This doesn’t exactly instill me with confidence, given that less “dirty” versions of 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 have all been released in the ensuing 15 months, and that 1.7 is due out within the next few weeks.

@edouard, is it possible for me to update to 1.6? Is it possible in the future that I’ll be able to update as easily as I can update WordPress, say (one click from my control panel)? And will you be updating your Discourse image so that new users aren’t running a nearly prehistoric version?

Many thanks for whatever clarifications you can give!


Hello @ErikMH,

At the moment we recommend you to use the Docker base install of Discourse: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md

The instantappl wll be rebuild to the latest version ASAP for X86 only. The v1.3.5 was originially released because it’s the only version tou run on the C1 ARMv7 server



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