Dedibackup not working since february 2020


Nearly 6 months that I have been waiting for a solution from online. I have sent many tickets. The level 1 people are all polite, but send my message ton level 2 and I get no answer from this level.
I am fed up with all this mess, waiting for a solution because I am currently unable to restore my data to the server in case they are corrupted. I got an incident and it has taken more than 24h to download the 143Go of my data and I could not go to the end. I had to do it another way.
Have you the same issues ?


Hello @kristobal1969,

Could you please provide me a ticket ID so I can check your issue and escalate it to the concerned service?



That would be really nice if it could be resolved quickly.
Now I just ask for a new dedibackup, (in another Data center if necessary).
My ticket number is : 859538
I can not count how many posts I made in this ticket, they are too numerous !
Thanks for your help if you can do more than the numerous level 1 people that responded to me (at least 12 !).
Franckly, I have the feeling that there is a big wall in front of me with a level1 group of people facing me. I send the ball (my message, my problem) and the level 1 people got it and tell me to be patient, they send the ball above the wall, but they do not know if it reaches someone in level 2 because nothing is coming back from the other side of the wall. This is like that since february !
It is really an ENORMOUS problem in communication with all these levels. This is completely a situation that should not exist.
My simple will now, is just having a dedibackup that works.
In my small company, I can tell you that this would be solved in 1 day !!!
I am really very angry. The service is so decayed :sob: