DC Access vs Business option


Good eveving all,

Just suscribed a dedirack offer and quite happy so far. I got a “Basic” account because it’s a small company. With the 2 permanent access pass provided I am fine and I don’t need the remaining extra stuff: VIP PM, AntiDos, etc. from Business offer.

Problem is that I plan to hire an external company for my hw material so that my infrastructure is racked, plugged and powered one. I need them one shot.

So I see that I need to warn Online upfront through a specific portal. Good but I don’t have any account.

Support’s response is that the portal is reserved for “Business account”. 99$ to the 299$ of the basic account. Nowhere in the contract there’s a reference that this.

Another answer is: subscibe Business option and you’ll get more permanent access!

Looks like they wan’t to sell me the option whatsoever.

Can this be? Am I the only one in this case? Why we wouldn’t be able to have escorted guests to the datacenter like in any other DC in the world?

Thanks for sharing your experience.