Datacenters in North America (USA/Canada)



I have been using Scaleway for a while now and am really happy with the services.
Currently I’m working on a project that would require servers in North America, as that would be the target audience.

The ping from the US to Scaleway’s Paris or Amsterdam servers is anywhere between 120 to 350 ms, which is simply too much for my use case.

So I know that the Amsterdam datacenter is run by EvoSwitch, and I know they have datacenters in the USA too (Washington), so seeing as Scaleway already has a partnership with EvoSwitch, are there any (near term) plans to offer your services in their USA datacenters too?

Currently I am forced to go with “the other big French hosting provider”, which is a shame…

Appreciate any feedback, thanks in advance!

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Currently I don’t have the information if there are any US datacenters planned but we are observing the market and will decide if new locations will be opened if there is enough request for it.


we would like scaleway available in the US very much! currently this is the only reason we’re using scaleway just for a limited scope in our company, since we’re in the eu and the us.