Daily network issues with my START1-M


I’ve had this instance for quite a while (START1-M aren’t even available anymore). Recently, either due to a change I made, or after a software update, I’ve been having some issues with connectivity.

The other day, I noticed that my instance seemed to be offline. I logged into the panel, and saw it was up and running. I was able to connect via the serial console and I noticed that in ifconfig, my main ethernet had no IP assigned to it. I just rebooted the instance and after reboot everything was fine. However, since then, every single day at about 21:30 EST, the instance goes offline. It continues running, but the network is down, and since then I cannot connect via the serial console to investigate more. I get “An error has occurred” and the serial console doesn’t work.

I also just noticed that I cannot change my firewall settings from the panel. This leads me to believe that whatever software Scaleway uses to communicate with my instance has been corrupted or mis-configured. Does anyone know what software is used?

I have gone through dmesg and journalctl and I can’t see anything happening around that time that would explain this. Because it happens at the same time every day, I thought maybe it was a cron job, but I can’t see anything that would cause this. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I can’t tell if these are two separate issues, or the same issue causing both symptoms. I’m beating my head in as rebooting the instance every day is a huge nuisance.



Okay, now I am able to access it over the serial console again. Not sure why that started working, but I can see the same thing as before: ens2 does not have an IP address. How can I find out what is causing it to lose its IP?