Custom kernel on baremetal servers (C2L)


I’m trying to run a Proxmox server with ZFS on a C2L server.
I want to use the official kernels provided by Proxmox (especially cause it makes using ZFS way easier, without the need to compile it manually).
I managed to find this blog post which explains how to use kexec to run a custom kernel on Scaleway servers, I tried to adapt it to my baremetal server but did not manage to succeed.
Has someone tried (and successfully done) it ?
Is there a way to run custom kernel on Scaleway servers (or is it planned in the near future ? (it seems to be a constant feature request since 2016 …) ?



You can use the local boot feature on all virtual cloud servers to boot the instance from your own kernel.
BareMetal instances require a boot script for the moment. You can choose from different kernel configurations by switching the bootscript. If you are missing a kernel feature, you can contact our developers directly via GitHub so they can add the feature if there is enough request for it.