Crashed Start-2-M-SATA server


Hello people!
Can you advice me what to do in my bad situation?
Recently I decided update my server and I did it. But after i send my server to reboot, it completely disappeared.
I opened ticket in technical support, but the only advice what they offered me - replace my server for the one new and forget about data on that server. Because they dont have techical personal with direct access to servers in this data center(AMS1). I requested about some additional service for money for investigating the reason of crashing my server, but I also was canceled with the same answer. Of course my data - my problem. But its veryimportant for me, results of work for the whole year. And Im ready for additional payment, but company doesnt give me any hope for recovering of the server.
I don`t think that is right attitude to clients.


Could you send me your server ID via PM please?
I could look if there is anything we could do :slight_smile:


After many issues, we finally managed to swap the disk and make it available.
Thank you for your patience :wink: