Connecting RPN SAN (RPN v2) to ESXi 6.7



I am trying to connect two RPN SAN disks to a ESXi 6.7 server.
I followed the tutorial :

I created a vSwitch, port group, connected the vSwitch to the physical NIC of the dedibox.
Then I created a VM Windows Server on the ESXi and added a NIC connected to the new RPN Network. The new NIC couldn’t have an IP address so I configured the IP, subnet and Gateway IP based on the subnet and Gateway shown on the interface RPN of dedibox in Console Online.

I can’t ping the RPN disk from the VM, can anyone help ?
Thank you in advance.



When using the RPN-SAN with a RPNv2 compatible server, you have to configure a RPNv2 to RPNv1 bridge, as the RPN-SAN is currently only available in RPNv1:




Thank you for your response.

Should I create a VMKernel to ESXi with the same MAC Address of RPN Interface (console Online) ?

RPN Disks are actually connected to an ESXi server 6.0 but this server will be shutting down soon.
Can we despite that configure the compatibility RPNv2 RPNv1 and connect disks on our new ESXi 6.7 server ? I am asking because in the tutorial you joined, actions are needed on RPNv1 server which is the old ESXi 6.0 server.
Otherwise, on my new ESXi 6.7 server, vmnic (rpn interface) had an IP addresse 10.88.x.x. so the gateway is 10.88.x.1 and the subnet is

Thank you in advance.




I assigned an IP, from the subnet given to the RPN v2 Group in Console Online (10.88.x.x/28), for the NIC of my Windows VM located on my new ESXi 6.5 server.
I added a route to through gateway of RPN v2 (host min of subnet given) on ESXi 6.5.
I added a route to through gateway of RPN v1 on ESXi 6.0.

Ping Windows VM (ESXi6.5) IP 10.88.x.x succeded from a VM on the ESXi 6.0.
Ping VM (IP 10.90.x.x) on the ESXi 6.0 from Windows VM (ESXi6.5) failed. I think there is a problem with the route from ESXi 6.5 to ESXi 6.0 ?
Ping RPN SAN disk IP from Windows VM located on ESXi 6.5 failed.
Ping RPN SAN disk IP from VM located on ESXi 6.0 succeded. On this VM I added disk as iSCSI initiator and RPN SAN disks are available.
I want to do the same from Windows VM located on ESXi 6.5.

Can anyone help plz ?