Company charging for service not provided? Fraud is not fraud?


How can you charge me while not providing me any service? My account is locked, my server is turned off, then how can you still charge me? That is fraud, there is no service.

Either unlock my account, or provide me with a download link to my files so that I can call my bank (since you have de facto locked me out) and forbid further payments for such non service. @edouard et al.

[ANSWERED] - Resource limits / Quotas

Hi @morris,

Have you opened a support ticket where I can take a look?



he is locked out - How should he open a ticket?


When an account is locked, the support section is still available.

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I’ve created another account in order to finally be able to open tickets. It’s now been 19 days, even 16 days since I’ve directly PMed @edouard, and still nothing. The ticked gets standard replies, but that is it, server down, account locked, still the same, it never changes.


Something similar happened to me.
I had to replace an expired card, procedure that triggered a chain of problems. On top of that, their poorly designed system also stopped my instance way before the deadline.
The support (even if they responded fast to my ticket) couldn’t / wouldn’t helped me in any way. I managed to solve the issue all by myself first time Monday next week using another CC

By the end of the month I have learned they charged me twice for the same instance because they say I have stopped and started the instance myself which is not true. All those problems were triggered by their faulty systems! Even so they were not willing to solve the issue.

I think their support staff is there just as a buffer to give the impression there is support. But in reality I don’t think they are much help to their customers.
Wonder if higher membership levels the support is same (poor). If that is true then it doesn’t worth paying more money for so low quality support.

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After dealing with “support personnel” since Monday, that is the exact same experience I’ve had until now.

They are just pushing the problem with their bellies as far in the future as they can, getting themselves enough time to shuffle requests ad nauseam (my ticket’s “changed” the support persons name two times already).

Had I the means to solve this by myself, you can bet I’d already have done it from day 0. Sadly this is not, and has never been, the case.


I just replied to your message and everything should be ok now. Sorry for the delay.