Client constantly gets spam over ever changing IP addresses - We expect you to stop this


As said, our client gets regularly spam by a botnet maintainer over your IP systems. We have opened issue

[Online] Abuse #266317

for our client. This botnet sends fraud advertisements or fake subscription spam. We would be happy if it would be possible to exclude the mail of our client from your system - perhaps you can put it on a general blacklist which is forbidden to send to.

Anyway, the constant spam/phishing is highly annoying, and our client - and we - expect that situation to stop.

For any help and contact - which could lead to a solution, we would be thankful.


John Ambridge
Team-leader non-profit White-Hat anti-abuse investigations (online) collective



We have well received your notification and we your case have been send to our customer.

You shouldn’t be spam anymore.

If you have any new case don’t hesitate open an abuse from our report :


Hedi Serradj
Trust and Safety Team


Thanks. The issue is this customer of yours comes again and again to our client and harasses them on purpose with new IP, spam or phishing - It would be great if you examine that customer of yours closer, including all his owned IP and ensure that that person(s) are finally following TOS/AUP - with fully ceasing their abusive activities.


And your customer is ongoing with attacking our client. This time from your
IPv6= 2001:bc8:47a4:e32:0:0:0:1

Please make that attacks against our client stop! As we have been unable to use your abuse form to send the report we sent you mail as usual.