Changes to Ubuntu Server cannot Install ERPNext



I am trying to upgrade my ERPNext application which has several dependencies.

  • I think Ansible is what is failing
  • I tried the setup on Ubuntu 16.04 and 14.04 over 5 times!
  • Using the VCS1 server Amsterdam
  • An issue with the locale or something running localectl returns connection error:

$ localectl
Could not get properties: Connection timed out

I must stress that this was working before on my Ubuntu Server. The Issue seems to have started after the addition of more OS option on new server setup. In fact I have one server currently running ERPNext that I setup without an issue some 2 months ago.

Other users have reported this issue on scaleway on have started migrating off. I like the 2 GB RAM offer but if this cannot be resolved I’m afraid I’ll also have to migrate off.

Please assist as this is URGENT.

Heres a post on the ERPNext forum with the full error log, other users are experiencing it too.




Have you open a ticket about this issue?


I did (WDTP-8837-IYUO)


Have same problem with installing ERPNext.


I noticed a boot console error:>>> 'ntpdate -b -p 3 -t 1' failed

Resolved this using

apt install ntpdate
ntpdate -u 

This resolved the localectl issue.