Can't change anything using API


Hello, I tried building a simple API in nodejs using axios to manage my domains zone. Since I will be the only one using it, I’m logging to API using my private token.
I can get all the informations I want (domains, users, servers, …) but as soon as I try to edit one (using POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE), I get a Forbidden error.
I reproduced my requests on Postman, same result … :frowning:
I also thought that my Authorization Header was incorrect (and the online API was made with GET requests public, odd I know) but when removing the header in requests, same result.
Can Anyone here encountered the same problem ?


After many coffees and debugging, I found out my program was trying to edit the version ENABLED (which is as you think as bad as fixing bug in productions). I just needed to recreate a new version first and then apply new ressource_records with post requests (with the new desired zone).