Can't Boot my instance, it's moving on "Archived" state



Another user problem here

I can’t boot my instance

it boot then stop booting and the state is “Archived”

**I opened the ticket HOURS ago: **

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I have more than 600 visit per day so it’s kind of very urgent!



I have the same problem and was given the response…


Unfortunately, the error is due that we no longer have bare metal in stock.

I invite you to try again later, or maybe you can switch to another available offer.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Alice Husson

Customer Success Specialist

Scaleway Dedibox / Elements

There are no C2S instances available in either location. I am worried they are no longer providing C2S instances as they are very hard to find on the Website. Does anyone know how to migrate the volumes to another provider?

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Yep no C2S instances so they shutdown our … nice custom support!

Anyway, I’m moving to a more professional company
Gonna delete all my data here about few minutes/hours

Good luck with them!

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I’d be also interested to any way to use a C2S 50GB snapshot to boot a different time of instance, or at least access its content in any way.