Cannot connect to backup ftp


I’m trying to connect to my ftp backup to back up some files that are on my server.

However, when trying to connect, the ftp server refuses the connection every time with the message: ‘An error occurred opening that folder on the ftp server. Make sure you have permission to access that folder’.

I previously ran vmware esxi on my server, and could connect to it from a windows vps running on the esxi host.

Since rebuilding my server using Server 2008, I cannot connect, and get the above message every time.

I’ve reset the pass for the ftp backup, and did think about deleting and recreating the ftp backup, but if I try to terminate the backup, it says it will expire at midnight rather than straight away, so I would have to wait if I went with that option.

Is there any way to get the permissions reset so that I can connect from my server’s primary ip?