Can not add my credit card,


I can not add my credit card, it says an error has occurred.
but my data is correct


I want to activate my credit card to be able to buy a server with you, but it’s all correct, I called my bank and everything is fine, for some reason in the panel I can not add my card


I actually have the same problem to renew my service and impossible to have support assistance since 2 days


I tried to add many cards today (maybe 10 or 11 different cards) and always receive an error.
All the cards are from different banks and valid, but still cannot add at least one to pay.



Have you opened a ticket about it? We can check why your card has been refused.



yes, I open ticket, but not resolved for now.
my bank removed some of the restriction because of me :slight_smile: but no request is going to their systems.