Can not access SSH after changing port


I changed SSH port ( /etc/ ssh/sshd_config) from 22 to 22122 but i can not access anymore neither on port 22 nor on 22122… i forgot to open the port 22122 on firewalld, which i believe is causing the issue. Can someone help me out and explain step by step how to be able to access SSH again, i am completely lost?

Thank you in advance.



You can boot your instance into rescue mode, an Ubuntu Linux booted in the RAM of the Instance, to access your instance and to reconfigure the firewall configuration:


Rescue boot doesn’t make it easy to change firewalld config - another reason why I usually switch to system-config-firewall, where you can easily edit /etc/sysconfig/iptables from a rescue boot.

Have you tried the console? That should let you login as root and use firewall-cmd to open your new SSH port. It did not work for me on Firefox, but Epiphany browser works fine.