Can I ping between PAR and AMS on private ips?


I created a new instance on AMS, but it doesn’t seem to come up. Not pingable on public or private ips (from a PAR instance) IPv4 or IPv6, and the console is blank. Not coming up is another issue - my question is:

Can you ping between PAR and AMS instances on private ips?

(I can’t test until a new instance will come up in AMS)


Apparently, IPv6 says it is active by default - but it actually isn’t. So you have to assign a public IP to even get to your instance. Now that it is up, no you can’t ping on private IPs between AMS and PAR. Too bad.

Once you get IPv6 actually activated, then you can delete the public IPv4.


As the 2 regions are geographically separated from each other the private addresses are not routable.

Ive setup a instance on each region which forms my vpn tunnel, then I route traffic to them via the tunnel.