C14 Manager : Bash automated tools to manage C14


Hi everyone.

The french IT company for which I work, Open Web Addict, found interesting to use C14 for some of our clients.

Since the C14 workflow is pretty restrictive and difficult to grasp, I developped a solution in bash to get the entire C14 workflow work on most dedicated server.

I spent several hours on it, so we decided to share it with every user. Here is the Git repo : https://github.com/OpenWebAddict/c14-manager

It comes with an Apache2 licence, so feel free to try and use it.

You can tell me here what you think about it or ask questions if something is unclear for you.
@OnlineStaff same for you, don’t hesitate to give me a feedback.

Enjoy! :wink:


it is good idea. i will try use these tools

thanks for sharing


for gb-backup.sh what you mean by [dev or nothing], can you give me a real example?