C14 billing and UI question


I decided to try out C14 by archiving about 100GB of data in C14 intensive (this was partly an experiment, but it’s data that I really do want to archive). Over the space of a few days, I uploaded the data to the safe, archived it, and then as the experimental part, I ran a verify operation, and unarchived the data and checked that the files came back, so far so good.

A few days later I got an email saying my safe area would automatically be archived at the end of the week. OK, somehow I thought unarchiving meant moving the data from the archive to the safe, like carrying a box of books from the basement up to the lobby, rather than copying it. So I manually re-archived the data, which meant I now had two archived copies. OK, no big deal, I deleted the extra one. I then got a “service termination” saying my “C14 intensive level storage ([name]) expires on 2017-04-02 18:30:02”. This made it sound like my whole C14 store was being expired, rather than just one of the two archives (no panic, I still have the original data outside C14, but this is surprising). However I checked, and only one of the archives was deleted, which is what I intended, no problem.

My questions:

  • Going to the service termination email, the service was only active for 1 day. Do I get charged for a whole month, or just for the time that the archive was active? (Even a whole month is just 0.5 euro for this data, so I don’t need any adjustment, just want to know for future reference).

  • What am I supposed to do after unarchiving data if I don’t want to put it back in a new archive? Just delete everything from the safe, using an sftp client?

  • If I want to change the contents of an archive (say by adding some files) is the right way to unarchive, use sftp to change the safe contents, re-archive (so now there are two archives), then delete the original one? (In practice I’m likely to add about 70GB at a time, so I’ll probably put each 70GB chunk in its own archive).

Overall I would say this is a good product but the documentation and UI are currently a bit confusing. (And I forgot I had commented in another thread with some of these issues: Edouard responded a couple days ago, thanks!)




Hi @paulr,

Thanks for sharing your experience about C14!

We charge per GB per month.

When unarchiving your data, from the control panel there is a checkbox Auto re-archive your files in 7 days available which is unselected by default. Have you used the CLI or API to unarchive your data ?

Correct, if you want to add more data to an existing archive the workflow is the following:

  • Unarchive
  • Connect to SFTP / etc. and upload your content
  • Archive (Create a new archive)
  • Remove the previous one if you do not need it anymore.


C14 usage questions

Thanks! It’s possible that I did check the “re-archive” box since I had thought “unarchive” meant “remove from archive” rather than “copy from archive”. Maybe you could change the term from “unarchive” to “extract and copy”?

What happens if I don’t check the box? Does the SFTP copy just get deleted after a week?

Is it possible to cancel an archive without first deleting the data, to avoid the deletion charge in the non-intensive archive plans? I.e. the data is not sensitive enough to require scrubbing of all the sectors: it’s enough to just release the sectors for the next person, and update the metadata. I think the answer is no but wanted to be sure. (The comparable OVH Cloud Archive product does allow this).