C1 not provisioning


C1 is not provisioning once it is created
It says allocating and after few minutes it is going to transferring mode and stopping automatically

Showing error as “no response from sentry server” in console



Can you please open a support ticket? The technical assistance team will then check why your server can’t start.



Ticket opened

They created an incident and closed it. But now it stucks at booting taking the money without provisioning

You guys are fixing bugs which creates serious bugs. Please fix it asap


Same Here,

Since yesterday, we only have 4 distribution choices (ubuntu xenial, debian stretch jessie and wheezy) and the system volume name is snapshot-ed78a1a3-8bf3-4772-be2e-efe4b68254d1-xxx-xxxx instead of x86_64-debian-stretch-2017-06-29, for example…

The system is on bootloop until it turns off