C1 is unusable with Ubuntu 18.04


Just create a C1 instance with Ubuntu 18.04 and try running “apt update && apt upgrade”. It will throw an initramfs error which cannot be fixed by the user.


Same issue here.
Upgrade throws the error, hangs on for a while then exits silently.
Containers keep running on my servers, but this doesn’t sound good at all.


Saw this also with the original 16.04 image on my C1 instance.

The initramfs update is looking for the disk by uuid, which is simply not there.


I just launched a C1 instance with 18.04 and I am stuck with the same issue. Since it’s been since December 2018, I guess it’s just impossible to use those instances today ? Should I just use something else ?



I just launched an apt upgrade on a C1 running on Ubuntu 18.04 and it worked fine for me. Maybe you can try it on another instance.
However, it is recommended to use our newer generation instances that also come with more advanced features like Hot Snapshots IPv6 connectivity and more.



You can ignore the initramfs error. (Yeah, it is a real nuisance because it comes often and it takes a long time to build the initramfs before the error occurs.)

The images using flash-kernel are really made for newer instances than C1.

C1 do not use the kernel or initramfs on the rootfs at all, so it does not matter whether they are broken or not. C1 uses an older system which they call bootscript https://www.scaleway.com/en/docs/bootscript-and-how-to-use-it/ Originally Scaleway told us that custom bootscripts would be supported, but nothing has happened for 3 years and nowadays they seem to recommend to use newer server instances if you are not happy with the C1 experience.

At the time of writing be cautious with the “latest” bootscripts. They seem to make the boot hang. The one in a newly created machine is older, but it works (and probably is lacking some security fixes…)

Here are some interesting technical details https://krustev.net/w/articles/Passing_boot_parameters_to_ScaleWay__39__s_baremetal_C1_instance_Linux_kernel/