Black screen on iDRAC 6 on Start-1-L / PowerEdge R210 II



I’m trying to get the iDRAC virtual console working on my dedicated server. As it is quite old it was pretty painful to find a solution (javaws / icedtea fails) but this project did the trick.
Now I can connect to the iDRAC virtual console, but it remains black. Even when typing something, there’s no way the console activates.
The host is a Debian 8 machine, which I want to upgrade to 10, but I’d need the virtual console to work for if anything fails.

Any hint on this?

It’s ok to reply in french to this question it you prefer.



Could you please open a support ticket so we can check this?

Thank you


FWIW, I rebooted the server and got the iDRAC back online. It probably was an issue with the OS’s console.