Billing failure: grace period


On the 3rd I got an email informing me my final bill was ready, no action required. Today (the 11th) I got an email informing me my account was locked due to billing failure.

No warning was issued in between, and I was not given any chance to rectify the situation before my account was locked and my servers were taken down, interrupting my running tasks in the process.

This is quite hostile and disrespectful towards your customers. A billing failure should not lead to an immediate account lockdown, but should generate a warning with a reasonable time period in which to resolve the payment issue.



You have always 7 days to make the payment of your invoice after it has been issued, as stated in our sales terms and explained in the FAQ:



I don’t make payments manually, they are automatically billed on my credit card. According to that same document you linked, I should be notified when an automatic payment fails:

In this situation, you’ll be notified by mail of a payment failure, and invited to initiate a new transaction from your account.

And the wording suggests that this happens before the services are being shut down:

IMPORTANT: Don’t waste time when you are notified about a failed payment. You are required to pay before the due date. If you can’t manage to make a successful payment transaction, contact our support team and/or your bank.

However, by the time I receive this email, the servers are already shut down. This gives me absolutely zero time to rectify the situation without impacting my services.

In fact, reading through these support forums, it appears this sort of incident is not at all uncommon with you guys. Which is corraborated by my contacts in the industry who describe Scaleway as “good if you want cheap and don’t care about reliability”. Servers being shut down without advance warning, servers being stuck in limbo, shut down servers being unable to boot because you ran out of hardware to host them on, …

And every time, the response is the same sort of canned nonsense that doesn’t address the issue, but only serves to deflect the blame. It’s always the customer’s fault, there’s never an issue on your side. It’s never your procedures that are inflexible, it’s always “just the way things are done”, despite other service providers managing to do a lot better in these areas.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you that your response fails to address the issue, and moreover, is simply not acceptable. I’m moving my infrastructure someplace that knows what the words “customer service” mean.


Got the same issue. Server was down. I logged in to Scaleway, and there was a notice that my account was locked. Apparently my CC could not be charged. I immediately added another CC and paid the invoice, and it took still 1 hour before my account was unlocked.

I only got 2 emails about the invoice:

  • The invoice mail itself, stating that they gonna charge my account soon, and I don’t have take any action
  • A warning mail saying my account is locked AFTER I have paid my invoice…

So I did not get any notification at all saying there was a billing problem. I raised a ticket, and their reply was “please check your e-mails”. I have now sent my gsuite SMTP audit logs logs which states that I only received those 2 e-mails.