Backups, Images and Snapshots


When I use backup feature from my dashboard it creates both an image and snapshot. I understand that image is like a collection of snapshots. I only use one volume with my server. When I create a backup I get one image and one snapshot. This is kind a confusing, is image tied to this snapshot? I can create a new instance directly from snapshot so is it true that basicly I don’t need the image? Should I use only snapshots for my strategy?

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I would like to know this also.



You can find information about the differences between an image and a snapshot in our FAQ at the following link:

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Hi, thanks for your answer.

I saw this FAQ page. Sorry but it is still not clear to me. If a have a instance with only one volume, do I need image backup? Isn’t snapshot of this one volume same as image for this vps?

How does billing process work? If I backup a 25gb instance with one volume do I get billed for 25gb snapshot or 25gb snapshot + 25gb image so 50gb in total? This is not clear to me.


My reading of the referenced doc is that, yes, an image is a collection of snapshots. In your case, just the snapshot is equivalent to an image. But, my understanding has not been tested in the crucible of restoring from backup.

The best test is to try to create a new VM from your snapshot. I took a snapshot before upgrading to Fedora 30 - to test whether this worked in a Scaleway VM. It did. But if it didn’t, it would test restoring from a snapshot.


I made a backup of a VM. It created an image an a snapshot. I created a vm from image, it worked. Created another one from snapshot, it also worked. My understanding is that I don’t need image backup for this one volume vm. Snapshot is enough. I am confused because backup option from control panel creates both an image and snapshot.