Awful - Rude - Arrogant - Refuse Assistance during corona virus hardship


Today I have finally been able to get a reply from the government here in the United kingdom in connection with my business support payments due to the corona virus pandemic, I have been advised my payments will take a few weeks to arrive (I had already been waiting 6 weeks for the phone call) and cannot afford to renew the server which has not yet reached the renewal date at the time of my request, as I had found this out late today I took a backup of all data and requested that is it cancelled and I will be seeking a new server once I have my business support payments. I have not asked for anything unreasonable or anything that I have not paid for. I simply asked for my server to be cancelled before the renewal. I expressed my reasons and how I feel this was unavoidable but the lack of understanding and rudeness during this time we are all being told to help and support each other is outrageous.

I have been told I cannot cancel until the 1st August 2020 by a member of the “Customer Excellence Specialist” if that is an example of customer care who really needs enemies.

I feel very let down by this behaviour of the company who claims on nearly every page of its website and every email to provide friendly customer care, this is very much a lie.