Any official tutorial or guide for domain names pointing to VPS?



I tried to search and explore the forum to connect my registered domain to my VPS and
I encountered with modifying A Records, AAAA Records, CNAME Records suggestions but none of them worked since I’m not very familiar with DNS things.I used VPS before and the only thing I did was to change the NAMESERVERS of my domains to point to my VPS’s.
However I couldn’t find any NAMESERVERS to point and whatever I read in the forum is that I do not understand what they say like reverse DNS, MX records etc.

Eventually I would honestly ask if there’s a basic,clean, brief and official tutorial which explains how to point a REGISTERED DOMAIN to POINT my VPS?

Thanks in advance.


You need to point domain`s A record to server IP and www as cname to domain from your domain registar


Thanks for the reply.
I already pointed my domain’s A record to my server’s IP address and also already tried to modify CNAME Record but none of them worked.I attached an iamge showing the modification :

And the result is :

I also waited for 2 days in case of if it takes time to get activated but nothing happened.


Well, your IP is not pingable. It’s either not switched on or the firewall has blocked everything. Secondly, you don’t seem to have DNS. I imagine you must have pointed the DNS records to your scaleway server. Since the server is not running a DNS nor accessible, so no one knows where your is.

You should be using your domain registrar’s DNS.